【FGO】Oberon (Pretender) Servant Demonstration – オベロン【Fate/Grand Order】

Fate/Grand Order

Oberon • Vortigern
SSR Pretender
Illustrator: Chica Umino
Voice Actor: Toshiyuki Toyonaga

Noble Phantasm:
– Deal Aoe Buster Dmg to all enemies, Super Effective against Lawful targets
– Remove their Offensive Buff
– Apply Sleep (1 turn) to all targets
– Apply Invincible (1 turn) to all targets

Skill 1
– Apply NP Dmg Up (3 turns) to all allies
– Charge all allies’ NP gauge

Skill 2
– Charge one ally’s NP gauge
– Apply Clock Debuff (trigger after 1 turn) to one ally, when triggered, decrease their NP gauge
– Gain stars

Skill 3
– Apply Buster up (1 turn) to one ally
– Apply NP dmg up (1 turn) (only if there’s an existing NP damage up) to one ally
– Apply Clock Debuff (trigger after 1 turn) to one ally
– When triggered:
+ Remove all buffs on target
+ Apply permanent sleep state (cannot be resisted or removed, order change and sacrifice cannot be used)
+ Apply Taunt (3 turns)

0:00 Oberon Animation (2nd Ascension)
4:18 Vortigen Animation (3rd Ascension)
8:37 Summoning, Level Up and Ascension lines


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