How To Use Every Servant in FGO 2021 [Fate/Grand Order English]

Fate/Grand Order

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Inspired by Gregor’s Rainbow Six: Siege “How-To” video series.

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CONNECTED – Brandon Liew feat. Kureha Kurono OrVid – An Face to Face – GET IN THE RING Confused Telepathy – KAF Hearts – niki (Tokoyami Towa cover) We Are The Energy – Metrik A Desire to Disappear – Takamachi Walk Lioness’ Pride – Shishiro Botan Ikigai! – Couple N Blue Sanctuary – Taishi

1:01 Sabers
18:29 Archers
34:33 Lancers
48:59 Riders
1:02:10 Casters
1:21:06 Assassins
1:36:22 Berserkers
1:49:37 Extra Classes
2:03:57 Ending

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