【FGO】Trưng Sisters (Saber) Servant Demonstration – 徴姉妹【Fate/Grand Order】

Fate/Grand Order

Trưng Sisters / Hai Bà Trưng / Nakayoshi Saber
SSR Saber
Illustrator: Take
Voice Actor: Reina Kondou & Kanae Itou

Noble Phantasm:
Rousing the Sixty Five Castles: Let Us Walk Our Country Together
Deals ST Art damage and increases every ally’s Arts performance and Buster performance (increases with overcharge) for 3 turns and grants every ally regen buff that heals them every turn for 3 turns

Charisma of Rebellion B-
– Increases every ally’s attack and Arts performance for 3 turns

The Bond of Sisters A
– Increases their Arts and Buster performance for 3 turns and granting them a state that lasts 3 turns where each of their Arts attacks increase their Buster performance for 1 turn and each of their Buster attacks increase their Arts performance for 1 turn

Marks of a Virtuous Ruler EX
– Charges their NP gauge and increases every ally’s NP gen and resistance against critical hits for 3 turns

Magic Resistance B
– Increases their debuff resistance

Riding B
– Increases theirQuick performance

Divinity C
– Grants bonus damage

Translation by Konchew

0:00 1st Ascension Animation
4:04 3rd Ascension Animation
8:01 Summoning, Leveling Up and Ascension Lines

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