[FGO NA] Free SSR Overview & My Picks | 17M Downloads Celebration Ticket!

Fate/Grand Order

The 17 Million Downloads Celebration Ticket – Free SSR Servant | An overview and some recommendations on which servants may be a good option.

00:00 – Intro
00:26 – Disclaimer
01:21 – My Top Pick
04:46 – Saber Class Choices
06:22 – Archer Class Choices
07:33 – Lancer Class Choices
09:04 – Rider Class Choices
10:53 – Caster Class Choices
13:34 – Assassin Class Choices
15:13 – Berserker Class Choices
17:15 – Extra Class Choices
19:24 – It maybe a dilemma but just have fun!

Fate/Grand Order OST I – Chaldea
Fate/Grand Order OST IV – The Empyrean City ~Olympus~
Fate/Grand Order OST II – Epic of Remnant


(All gameplay footage are from my personal FGO NA & JP accounts)


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