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Fate/Grand Order

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Welcome to my channel, you beautiful and possibly sexy mongrels! As you should already know, I am the absolute Main Character in this mowtrucka. Therefore, those of you who choose to subscribe shall be known as my Supporting Characters. Yes? No? Well, fuck,. Either way, welcome nonetheless. I mainly do Fate/Grand Order related content, but I’m open to other kinds of videos if the opportunities ever present themselves. Until then, enjoy what I have to offer! AAAaaaand if you can spare the time, don’t forget to Like, Comment, and Subscribe if you so desire :3
Thank you to Musikage who allowed me to use his 8-bit cover of Brave Shine for my intro, which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLNwJxnmq1U
Source: https://news.fate-go.jp/2022/0525nico/

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2022年6月1日(水)に『Fate/Grand Order カルデア放送局 Vol.18 第2部 第6.5章 或る幻想の生と死 開幕直前SP』を配信いたします。

『Fate/Grand Order カルデア放送局 Vol.18 第2部 第6.5章 或る幻想の生と死 開幕直前SP』
事前配信 19:30~
本配信  20:00~


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Fate/Grand Order カルデア放送局 Vol.18 第2部 第6.5章 或る幻想の生と死 開幕直前SP

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