Music in FGO be like… 😳

Fate/Grand Order

I’ve seen many of this “Music in Gacha Games be like” videos popping up on my yt feed lately so i decided to do one exclusively with FGO ost 😳
This are probably my favorite themes in FGO period, but what are yours? Let me know in the comments! 👀
Also, heres a little timestamp section so you guys dont ask the name of the song in the comments (even tho the name of the osts is literally in the video lmao?

0:00 – Shikisai, The Time of Parting Hath Come
0:16 – BB Channel
0:27 – Muramasa Theme
0:38 – Battle in New York, Shop Theme
0:46 – Dies Irae
1:01 – Imaginary Scramble, Map 4 & 5 Theme
1:08 – Learning With Manga Collab, Battle Theme
1:18 – Shikisai, Snowflake Shield

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