[FGO NA] How Many SQ Can you SAVE…for Muramasa? (& Others)

Fate/Grand Order

Here is the next installment in my “How Many SQ?” series – featuring a timeline leading up to Muramasa in the New Year. Like the Castoria SQ videos, this is a breakdown on what we can expect for free SQ and tickets from upcoming events and campaigns…with a little speculation thrown in from time to time.

I apologize in advance if any of the math is off. You’d be surprised how easy it is to slip up on seemingly simple things like that…mainly confusing myself on what event I’m looking at 😅

00:00 – Post Castoria…
01:21 – A Brief on why Muramasa?
02:22 – Daily Logins & Weekly Missions leading up to January
03:22 – Events & Campaigns Timeline
07:31 – Himiko SQ Saving
09:41 – Van Gogh & Nemo SQ Saving
13:10 – Ashiya Douman & Ibuki Douji SQ Saving
16:37 – Vritra SQ Saving
18:05 – Muramasa SQ Saving
19:55 – Lostbelt 6 Servants & Koyanskaya coming soon!

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Link to Fate/Save Calculator: https://shipfu.moe/fgo/


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