Fate/Grand Order Countdown to Lostbelt No. 6 – Lostbelt No. 2

Lostbelt No.2: The Eternal Icy Fire Century, Götterdämmerung – The Good Fellow of Everlasting Flame

The Baldanders of the Wandering Sea: one of the three major organizations of the magecraft world, considered to be the primordial, yet final “wall”.
There, no progress or changes in magecraft arising from the evolution of civilization are acknowledged. Only Mystics of the Age of Gods are permitted in this group of mages, making it incompatible with modern human society.
The Shadow Border receives a transmission from an unknown sender containing directions to this new territory.
Placing their trust in this uncertain, unconfirmed information, the protagonist and company head towards the island of the Age of Gods, hidden away in the North Sea…

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