Hakuno shows up in Fate/Grand Order!!

岸波 白野は『Fate/Grand Order!』で姿を現す!
After defeating Draco’s dragons she breaks are contract and we return to Chaldea. Draco is once again left alone until Hakuno (male for me at least) shows up and we get a beautiful shot of (loli) Draco smiling. I feel slightly jealous even though Hakuno is another blank protagonist like Gudao and Gudako
Edit: After doing some digging it was Hakuno that formed the contract between Draco and us. (Apparently Hakuno can just do that now). This Draco is not the same one from Extra but because Draco is still a Nero, Hakuno felt it was necessary to help her because well Nero and Hakuno are close I should say. Real close.
So to summarize this event: Hakuno/n is a really good wingman
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