【FGO】Medusa (Saber) Servant Demonstration「メドゥーサ(セイバー)」【Fate/Grand Order】

Fate/Grand Order

☆5 Saber Medusa

Noble Phantasm:
Chrysaor: The Golden Sword of Monsters
Increases Medusa’s Quick performance for 1 turn (effect increases with Overcharge) before dealing ST damage that deals bonus damage to Man attribute enemies with a low chance of making them unable to take action for 1 turn and increasing every Earth attribute ally’s attack for 3 turns

Self-Sealing: Temple of Darkness B
May make an enemy unable to take action for 1 turn before increasing Medusa’s Quick crit damage for 3 turns and granting her a 3 turn buff where her Quick attacks curse an enemy for 5 turns

Demonic Blood Relations A
Charges Medusa’s NP gauge before increasing every ally’s attack and every Demonic ally’s crit damage for 3 turns

Factor Predation (Goddess) EX
Grants Medusa a 3-hit invul and 3-proc debuff immunity for 3 turns and increases her crit resist for 3 turns

Translation by Konchew

0:00 1st Ascension Battle Animation
5:38 3rd Ascension Battle Animation
11:44 Summoning, Leveling up & Ascension Lines


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