Fate/Grand Order – Memorial Movie 2023 English Ver.

Fate/Grand Order

“To explore beyond the tale”
The characters who appear in “Fate/Grand Order” are heroes from myth and legend, and your encounters with these Servants weave an entirely new tale.
“Myth and legend merge into a tale of your own.”
A project centered on an all-new animated trailer titled “Memorial Movie 2023.”

【Theme Song】
“flowers” by Hana Hope
Lyrics: Donguri Ameno
Music and Arrangement: Hayato Tanaka (Sony Music Labels)
Translated Lyrics: Yui Mugino
Theme Song in Cooperation with: Kenta Tasaka

【Animation Staff】
Storyboards and Unit Direction:
Hiromatsu Shu

Animation Directors:
Hiromatsu Shu
Yusuke Tanaka
Taishi Kawakami
Yae Otsuka

Key Animation: 
Liang Boya
Luo Dongsheng
Zhang Jinxuan
Lu Qiang   
Guan Jingyi
Shao Zishuo
Li Huan
Gong Ziyu
Xu Jiafu
Chengxi Huang
Pan Jing
Chansard Vincent
Curie Lu
Gabriel Ugbodaga

Satoshi Yamaguchi
Kouta Michishita
Shiho Takeuchi
Masaaki Takiyama
Maiko Hado
Kazuyuki Asaga
Yurie Hama
Taishi Kawakami
Hiromatsu Shu

Rie Sukenaga

Supervising Animation Director:
Yuichi Oka

Second Key Animation: 
Bigfirebird Animation   
Huang Huajie
Huang Hongjie
Li Junwei

Bi Ziqiang
Zhong Shenzhe
Xu Wenyuan

Jin Hongyu
Jiang Xin
Wan Xiamin
Zhao Yalin
Guan Xiaonan
Zhang Xiaoqing
Wang Xinmiao

Green Monster Team

Hiroki Ito
MSJ Co.,Ltd

In-Between Animation Checks:
Zhang Xiaoqing

In-Between Animation:
Shenyang BigFireBird Animation
Sun Botao
Li Chengxuan
Liu Guoqi

MSJ Co.,Ltd

Color Coordination & Checks: 
Hiromatsu Shu
Yuan Lujuan
Shen Guanmin
Pei Lu
Shi Wanting
Zhang Xinyue
Pan Jing

Wang Haichuan
Han Zongliang
MSJ Co.,Ltd

BigFireBird Animation
Li Yongjun
Lu Jianfei
Huang Ziying
Ye Feng
Liu Jing
Hei Zhai

Dalian BigFireBird Animation

Assistant 3DCG  
Li Yi

Art Director 
Pan Jing

Background Art
An Zishen
Pan Jing
Dai Pei
Yuan Lujuan
Pei Lu
Liang Yuqi
Tan Kuanqiang
Zhen Junhong

Anna Akasaka

Director of Photography
Liang Bowen

Liang Bowen

BigFireBird Animation
He Lewei
Yin Ziran
Wang Zihao
Liu Fengming
Ling Junhao
Dou Wanxing
Zhang Yifei
Zeng Yingqian
Xiong Miaomiao
Wang Shuaiqun
Lu Gang

Hiromatsu Shu

Sound Effects 
Michiyo Saito

Lin Shugong

Sound Production Manager 
Yuusuke Watanabe

Recording Studio
Aoi Studio Co., Ltd.

Sound Production 

Translation Consultant
Miao Kexin
Albert Kao
Carl Custodio
Michael Casamento

Shizuka Kurosaki

Assistant Producers
Kyoko Ota
Kanan Kyu

Animation Producer
Yuichi Fukushima

Production Managers
BigFireBird Animation
Li Yirui
Miao Kexin
Shi Dai
Mizuki Yamamoto

Production Consultant
Big Firebird Cultural Media Co., Ltd.

Animated by 

Hiromatsu Shu

【Hana Hope Comment】 I am honored to be singing the anniversary song for “Fate/Grand Order,” a game that continues to fascinate fans around the world. As I sang this song, I identified with these characters who persevere in the face of adversity, because I too am on my own musical journey. I would be happy if this trailer, along with my song, colors the FGO world even brighter than ever!

・Hana Hope
YouTube / @hanahope
HP https://lit.link/hanahope
Twitter ▶︎ https://twitter.com/hanahope_2022
TikTok ▶︎ https://www.tiktok.com/@hanahope_official
Facebook ▶︎ https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100078898533388


English Version Lyrics:
In the silence of a world wearing a veil of misty rain
Suddenly, I saw how cold the face of truth could be
I’ve been wondering, how far beyond the sky the clouds will go
Holding no more than their own weight
Countless voices in the air, clash in conflict here and there
And the scarlet life within us shower down upon the ground
What is the reason why, for whatever we desire
We keep searching for something else to sacrifice every time?
The flowers swaying helplessly
The wind is raging endlessly
What else shall we let go
To live our lives the only way we knew
The birds are soaring in the sky
So high above us all, we who cannot fly
We dragged our wounds behind us
And kept walking on
Somewhere far beyond the skyline
Someone whose name we don’t even know
Holds a fire inside their heart that burns them from within
That color, and the pain that it caused
We already know it, we’ve seen it grow
Soon, the path we walk will intertwine
Like flowers swaying helplessly
Like winds that sweep across the green
What else shall we pursue
To live our lives the way we wanted to
Unlike the birds that soar the sky
We have no wings, and though we won’t learn to fly
We stand above the earth now
And keep walking on
Trusting it all

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