【FGO】Morgan (Berserker) Servant Demonstration – モルガン【Fate/Grand Order】

Fate/Grand Order

SSR Berserker
Artist: Takashi Takeuchi
CV: Yui Ishikawa

Noble Phantasm: Roadless Camelot (Unreachable Utopia)
– AoE Buster
– Apply to self: Dmg up vs Knight of the Round or Fae targets (1 turn)
– Deal dmg to all enemies, super effective against Man Attribute (increase with Overcharge)
– Apply Curse to all enemies (5 turns)
– Apply Overcharge Up to party (1 stage, 3 turns)

Skill 1: Charisma of Craving B
– Apply Atk up to party (3 turns)
– Self-charge NP
– Apply Def down to all enemies (3 turns)

Skill 2: Divine Protection of the Lake C
– Charge NP to one party member
– Apply NP gain up to party (3 turns)

Skill 3: From the Farthest End A
– Apply Guts to self (3 turns)
– Apply Starweight up to self (3 turns)
– Apply Crit dmg up to self (3 turns)
– Apply Clock buff to self (3 turns, trigger every turn)
– Clock buff trigger: Apply Atk down (1 turn) and Crit rate down (1 turn) to all enemies

Madness Enhancement B
Magic Resistance A
Item Construction EX
Territory Creation B

00:00 Battle Animation
03:33 Summoning, Leveling Up and Ascension Lines

Translation by Konchew

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